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高品质焊接机架能提供最大强度和耐用性,独特的液压提升台,可以轻松调节垂直间距 High-quality welding rack can provide maximum strength and durability, unique hydraulic lifting platform, can easily adjust the vertical spacing

标准滚动式设计,准许液压缸左右的移动及锁定用于将液压缸装进液压架,同时准许左右调节液压缸的位置 Standard rolling design allows the left and right movement and locking of the hydraulic cylinder for installing the hydraulic cylinder into the hydraulic frame, and allows the left and right to adjust the position of the hydraulic cylinder

快速选择表内列出的所有型号都有适配的泵、液压缸、软管和压力表等,提供最完整的配套 Quickly select all models listed in the table with suitable pumps, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, and pressure gauges, etc., to provide the most complete matching

滚架设计的特点为配有一能支撑重负载的固定平台 The design of the roller frame is equipped with a fixed platform that can support heavy loads

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