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100 tons car pull horse

√ Adjustable jaw head makes the jaw always contact the workpiece in a flat plane

√ The greater the pulling force, the greater the gripping force

√ 100-ton single-acting hydraulic cylinder with spring return characteristics, the maximum working pressure is 700bar

√ Puller lifting ring can pull the puller in the center of the workpiece, it can still work when the distance from the ground exceeds 914mm

√ Adjust the handle to make the puller move up and down in the vertical direction

√ The spring-loaded system can withstand an uneven load of 100 tons

√ Hydraulic pump uses two-speed high-pressure electric pump with 7.6m remote control line

√ Puller can be moved flexibly

√ There are two specifications of 105mm and 63.5mm.

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