KV series--Integrated hydraulic puller

√ Integrated hydraulic puller design

√ The combined design of 2/3 claws and long and short claws has the stability of 3 claws and reliable gripping force, and the function of 2 claws

√ Detachable handle and 360 ° pressure direction design, which is conducive to flexible use in confined spaces

√ Choose from 4-30 tons of different output tonnage

√ Unique internal pressure relief safety valve design to protect the life of hydraulic cylinder

√ Adopt German high-precision piano steel wire spring design, long service life and fast retraction

√ The claw hook structure is made of high-strength alloy steel, which is not easy to deform

√ The hydraulic cylinder is made of solid steel, which has a high safety factor.

√ Fast positioning and adjusting nut, saving time and effort

√ With storage box and anti-fall safety steel

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