BBM - S系列--充电扭矩扳手
BBM-S Series--Charging Torque Wrench

√ Digitally adjust and display torque and working parameters of wrench

√ Multi-mode adjustment, digital torque adjustment or torque adjustment from 0 to 99 gears

√ Programmable preset 10 commonly used output torques or gears

√ Any value of torque can be set within the range of the torque wrench

√ Use multi-polar gear box, high reliability, high stability

√ Automatic two-speed clutch gearbox, the speed is 3-5 times of the standard series * H

√ User (operator, administrator, Super user) hierarchical function management

√ Buzzer alert

√ Tightening result judgment function

detail intruduction:

BBM - S系列--充电扭矩扳手

BBM - S系列--充电扭矩扳手

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