3-in-1 hydraulic torque wrench

The innovative "three-in-one" hydraulic torque wrench is a modular system consisting of a power head and three additional work heads (open, hollow, square drive work heads). "Three-in-one hydraulic torque wrench can be flexibly selected with three working heads to quickly transform to meet various working conditions and solve all bolt challenges

√ Break the boundaries of traditional driven and hollow hydraulic wrenches

√ Power head can be switched universally, which greatly reduces procurement costs

√ Can be switched in 5 seconds, easy to operate, efficient and fast

√ Aluminum titanium body, light weight, high strength, durable

√ Ergonomic portable handle, light and durable, can effectively prevent the damage caused by the drag of the tubing and protect the operator's hand

√ Wide torque range from 255 to 31800ft.Ib, 346 to 43100N.m

√ Torque accuracy up to ± 3%

√ Strong compatibility, fully interchangeable with many other well-known brands

detail intruduction:



Technical Parameters:


■ In order to choose the correct model of hydraulic torque wrench, please contact BAIER sales engineer


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