RTC Series--Driven Hydraulic Wrench

√ The maximum working pressure is 70MPa and the accuracy is as high as ± 3%

√ Aluminium-titanium alloy integrated body, high strength and toughness

√ New anti-loosening joint to ensure smooth oil passage

√ 360 ° x 180 ° rotating tubing joints, no space restrictions

√ Square drive connection with high-strength sleeve work, wide range of bolts

√ Trigger lock, can place 360 ° fine-adjustment reaction arm on any fixed fulcrum

detail intruduction:



■ 根据螺栓螺母尺寸确定扭矩 ■ 重载套筒为另选件 ■ Contact BAIER sales engineer to confirm sleeve size. ■ Determine torque according to bolt and nut size. ■ Heavy-duty sleeve is optional.

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