RTA series--driven hydraulic wrench

√ One-piece fuselage, using aluminum-titanium alloy aviation material ultra-high-strength light metal, to comprehensively strengthen the fuselage strength and toughness

√ Easily press the trigger lock to position the 360 ° fine-tuned reaction arm on a sturdy pivot point

√ 360 ° x 180 ° rotatable tubing joints, no space restrictions, free operation

√ Using precision ratchet, accuracy is as high as ± 3%

√ Surface anti-corrosion treatment

√ Unique non-return son, pressure release trigger, to overcome the tool reverse phenomenon caused by bolt springback, improve efficiency and ensure high precision torque setting

√ Special humanized lightweight handle, safer and more convenient to use

√ Pressure and torque comparison table for laser marking on the cover plate

detail intruduction:



■ 根据螺栓螺母尺寸确定扭矩 ■ 重载套筒为另选件 ■ Contact BAIER sales engineer to confirm sleeve size. ■ Determine torque according to bolt and nut size.

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