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Location: 5F, Torch Building, No. 54 Metallurgical Avenue, Qingshan District, Wuhan, Hubei Province

Phone: 027-8656 3216

Email: sales.information@baierchina.


Bayer Group guarantees efficient work for customers after the New Year




Recently, my Bayer service team organized an electric torque wrench technical training for a major oil customer . 2017年购买我电动扭矩扳手若干台,主要用于加氢反应器装置的检修,因为电动扭矩扳手的精度高使用电动扭矩扳手后能有效达到高压高温装置的防泄漏效果,并能减轻工人劳动强度,极大提升了检修效率,客户反映效果良好。 The enterprise customer purchased several of our electric torque wrenches in 2017, which are mainly used for the maintenance of hydrogenation reactor devices. Because of the high precision of electric torque wrenches, the use of electric torque wrenches can effectively achieve the anti-leak effect of high-pressure and high-temperature devices and reduce The labor intensity of the workers has greatly improved the efficiency of maintenance and the customer has responded well. Near the end of the year, the staff of my Bayer after-sales team decided to once again organize the company's users to conduct a theoretical and practical training, especially for new employees entering the factory to increase training efforts, and strive to let them master the correct operation methods within the shortest time.


We provide not only products, but also various practical solutions and free services for life. More and more customers are choosing us, and we are committed to meeting the various needs of our customers. The professional quality, pre-sale and after-sale support capabilities and work quality of BAIER engineers have been unanimously praised by many customers. We are also eagerly looking forward to providing superior products and excellent services to more users!

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