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Bayer Group and Wuhan welcome New Year's Day in 2020




December is the winter and the end of the year, but it ushers in the spring of the year. 20 年元旦如约而至。 With the warm sunshine in the winter , New Year's Day in 20 and 20 will come as promised. 2019年12月31日带着公司全体员工参加了 2020第六届武汉东湖灯会 Bayer Group took all the company's employees to participate in the 6th Wuhan East Lake Lantern Fair in 2020 on December 31, 2019 . 2020年第一天迎来开门红 Bayer Group and Wuhan welcome the start on the first day of 2020 .

悦武汉 ”长江灯光秀 Across the New Year, Wuhan "Yangtze River Light Show   ……跨年夜,东湖灯会、长江灯光秀人气火爆。 Light show, firework show, lantern show, dance party, concert ... New Year's Eve, the East Lake Lantern Festival and the Yangtze River Light Show are popular.


400余架无人机摆出“2020武汉”、“大美东湖·灯耀江城”、生肖鼠等造型,上百组非遗花灯点亮东湖,现场设立楚风市集、非遗展示区彰显荆楚文化和民俗特色,1.5万游客涌入景区夜游东湖、赏灯观景。 More than 400 drones displayed the shapes of "2020 Wuhan", "Big Beauty East Lake · Dengyao River City", Zodiac Rat, etc. Hundreds of groups of non-heritage lanterns lighted up Donghu. The display area of the relics highlights the characteristics of Jingchu culture and folk customs, and 15,000 tourists flock to the scenic area to visit the East Lake at night and enjoy the lanterns. CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, People's Network and other media have focused on Wuhan's New Year activities. CCTV clients, Sina Weibo and other online platforms performed live broadcasts and watched 8.67 million person-times. On January 1, CCTV's "Chao Wen Tian Xia" column made a special report on the Donghu Lantern Festival.


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