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Employees' birthday party in the second quarter of 2019




The lunar month of 2019 is here, although the weather is still cold, but it can't stop the surprise brought by the bright sunshine. In order to promote the company's corporate culture and allow employees to feel the collective warmth and care, the company carefully arranged to prepare birthday parties for birthday celebrations in the second quarter (second batch), expressing the company's little wishes.

In the afternoon, under the humanistic care of the company's leaders, more than 10 birthday birthday stars were organized to participate in the birthday party, and everyone accompanied Shouxing to share birthday cakes. The birthday party was fun, everyone was talking and laughing, and the scene was happy and warm.

The birthday party not only enhanced the friendship between employees and leaders, but also strengthened the construction of corporate culture, so that employees deeply felt the family-like sense of belonging of the Bayer Group. I wish the longevity stars a safe and happy family.


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