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Synchronous hydraulic wrench for fast and efficient fastening of parallel flanges!




乙二醇项目 在选购我 BAIER液压扳手,我们的技术人员随货到现场给使用人员讲解 液压扳手使用方法,同时还讲解了 BAIER 液压扳手同步在法兰盘,紧固效果更好,负载均衡且精确。 Recently, the China Chemical Glycol Project purchased my BAIER hydraulic wrench. Our technicians came to the scene to explain the use of the hydraulic wrench to the user. At the same time, they also explained that the BAIER hydraulic wrench is synchronized to the flange, and the tightening effect is more Well, the load is balanced and accurate. Closed in parallel, fast and efficient.


The main purpose of the hydraulic wrench synchronization system is to avoid a unilateral compression mode on the flange surface, which will cause the gasket on the flange surface to fail due to overextrusion, which will cause leakage. The synchronous system is used when two or four hydraulic wrenches are connected to one pump at the same time. 3%。 According to the hydraulic principle, multiple hydraulic wrenches work at the same time and output the set torque at the same time, the flange can be closed in parallel, and its torque accuracy reaches 3%. The synchronization system can lock the bolts at one time, while the single system needs to be loaded multiple times and locked step by step. It can be seen that the efficiency of the synchronization system is much greater than that of the single system.


We provide not only products, but also various practical solutions and free services for life. More and more customers are choosing us, and we are committed to meeting the various needs of our customers. The professional quality, pre-sale and after-sale support capabilities and work quality of BAIER engineers have been unanimously praised by many customers. We are also eagerly looking forward to providing superior products and excellent services to more users!

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