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Location: 5F, Torch Building, No. 54 Metallurgical Avenue, Qingshan District, Wuhan, Hubei Province

Phone: 027-8656 3216

Email: sales.information@baierchina.


BAIER hydraulic wrench makes customers use on site safer and worry-free!




    Near the end of 2019, new and old customers across the country have successively ordered my Bayer products in large quantities. As old customers of Bayer, after years of use, they are familiar with the use of wrenches and equipment troubleshooting methods, but there are new customers for the first time, they urgently need a supplier to dispatch professional technicians Give guidance at the scene.
Even if the sales volume is out of stock and there is a clear shortage of engineers, I still adhere to the "professionals do professional things, the customer is God" work attitude and service philosophy, and fully cooperate with customer training requirements. No, my regional engineer just delivered a batch of hydraulic wrenches that the customer ordered urgently to the customer's workshop, and provided detailed technical training for field users.




We provide not only products, but also various practical solutions and free services for life. More and more customers are choosing us, and we are committed to meeting the various needs of our customers. The professional quality, pre-sale and after-sale support capabilities and work quality of BAIER engineers have been unanimously praised by many customers. We are also eagerly looking forward to providing superior products and excellent services to more users!

螺栓拉伸器 液压扳手泵 液压千斤顶电动扭矩扳手 、气动扭矩扳手、手动扭矩扳手、您可以通过我们的官网: ls-lsgf.com 或者拨打我们的热线电话: 027-86563216 了解咨询。 Hydraulic wrench , bolt tensioner , hydraulic wrench pump , hydraulic jack , electric torque wrench , pneumatic torque wrench, manual torque wrench, you can visit our official website: ls-lsgf.com or call our hotline: 027-86563216 to understand advisory.


专用于法兰盘平行闭合快速高效紧固的同步液压扳手! Previous: Synchronous hydraulic wrench for fast and efficient fastening of parallel closing of flanges! 祖国盛世华诞举国欢庆70周年-拜尔液压动力(武汉)股份有限公司挂国旗喜气祥和迎国庆 Next post: The motherland's prosperity celebrates the 70th anniversary of the country-Bayer Hydraulic Power (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. Celebrates National Day with Joy