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BAIER inlet hydraulic wrench and domestic hydraulic wrench




1. The imported hydraulic wrench is made of aluminum-titanium alloy. It is the lightest, smallest and most powerful hydraulic torque wrench. It can provide maximum torque output per unit weight, ensuring durability, reliability and safety. Some brands of imported hydraulic wrenches have humanized handles, which are convenient to operate and reduce operating accidents. If you choose a 36,000 Nm hydraulic wrench, the overall weight of the imported is 30KG; the domestic hydraulic wrench is made of alloy steel, and the actual weight of the 36000 Nm hydraulic wrench is about 50KG.

2. The aluminum-titanium alloy has good toughness, and the reaction arm gear and drive shaft can not break teeth or crack under high torque conditions. Although the steel reaction arm has a certain high strength, it is more brittle and is at a weaker connection. Prone to fracture.

3. The imported hydraulic wrench sealing system adopts imported seals, which can withstand long-term work under 70Mpa pressure, slow aging, and long service life. At present, domestically produced rubber seals are relatively mature in medium pressure, but under the conditions of 60Mpa or more, The performance is unstable and it is easy to be damaged, resulting in oil leakage from the working head of the hydraulic wrench and short service life. As a result, the pressure does not go up, and the torque output of the wrench is insufficient.

4. Due to the limited sales of domestic hydraulic wrenches, large-scale production is not possible. Basically, it is a workshop-type process. The processing technology and accuracy are not as good as imported products, so the actual accuracy is worsened.

5. Safety factor of imported high pressure hose is 4: 1. Working pressure is 70Mpa and burst pressure is 280Mpa. The outer surface is made of thermoplastic polyurethane material, and the inner 4 layers are designed, and the 2 layers are high-strength steel wires. The outer layer of domestic high-pressure hose is wrapped with rubber, the safety factor is less than 2, and the inner two-layer design. The aging of rubber determines the service life of the oil pipe is very short. If it is not replaced in time, it may easily cause safety hazards, such as working at 70Mpa. The perforation occurred in the process, with unpredictable consequences.