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Performance and characteristics of hydraulic shears




  Bayer's powerful hydraulic shear is one of the best rescue tools. It adopts the latest design and machining, heat treatment and surface treatment technology, and uses high-strength steel and aviation high-strength aluminum alloy materials. Large, small size, light weight and excellent quality.

Optimized mechanical design, unique tool support, provide maximum shearing force and durability; the novel push-button switch and reliable hydraulic quick connector make this product more humane. Suitable for demolition rescue in various places.

BAIER hydraulic shears usually have an aluminum alloy housing with blades forged from hot-rolled steel. Pistons and piston pushers are usually made of hot-rolled alloy steel. Hydraulic shears are mainly used to cut materials such as sheet metal and plastic. Usually, they are used to cut open cars and other vehicles to rescue stranded passengers. Like hydraulic expanders, hydraulic shears can also be powered by a gasoline drive. The lifesaving jaw system can be powered by electricity, air or hydraulics.

Unlike the BAIER hydraulic spreader, the hydraulic shear is a curved claw-shaped extension with a pointed end. In the same way as a hydraulic expander, hydraulic fluid flows into the cylinder and applies pressure to the piston. The opening and closing of the blade depends on the direction of the power applied to the piston. When the piston pusher is raised, the blade opens. When the plunger is lowered, the blade begins to close toward an object, such as the roof, and cuts it open.

All-steel welded structure, comprehensive treatment (vibration aging, heat treatment) eliminates internal stress, has good rigidity and stability.

Adopt advanced hydraulic system, stable performance.

The precision sliding guide is adopted to eliminate the guide gap and the cutting quality is high.

Electric back gauge, manual fine adjustment, digital display.

The blade gap is adjusted by the handle and the scale is displayed quickly, accurately and conveniently.