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BAIER- manual pump working process description




The working principle of Bayer's manual oil pump can be divided into four processes:

1. Liquid filling: When the oil pump starts to work, the oil is simultaneously pressed into the high and low pressure check valve by the high and low pressure plunger, and enters the oil cylinder through the high and low pressure check valve. When the pressure rises to 1Mpa, the low-pressure oil overflows from the low-pressure relief valve to the oil storage pipe.

2. Boost: Based on the above process. The high-pressure plunger continued to work, and the pressure gradually increased. When the pressure exceeds the rated pressure of 63Mpa, the high-pressure valve opens, and the high-pressure oil overflows from the high-pressure valve back to the storage pipe, and the pressure is always maintained at 63Mpa. The high pressure valve is a safety valve.

3, work; in the work process, because the work cylinder does work. The pressure will decrease, so shake the handle at any time to maintain the required working pressure until the end of the work.

4. Unloading: After the oil pump is finished, the pressure needs to be reduced to zero. Open the unloading valve, and the oil flows back to the oil storage pipe to complete the unloading work. Oil filling, boosting, and working processes are virtually indivisible. The main features of Bayer's oil pumps are: high pressure, manual, ultra-small, easy to carry, simple to operate, and wide range of applications.