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How to deal with the problems that may be encountered in the design of the hydraulic cylinder




1. Ensure the speed of the reciprocating movement of the BAIER hydraulic cylinder and the traction required for the stroke.

2. Try to reduce the external dimensions of the BAIER hydraulic cylinder as much as possible to make the structure compact.

3. The piston rod should be pulled and uncompressed to avoid bending deformation.

4. Ensure that each part has sufficient strength, stiffness and durability.

5. Try to avoid the side load of the BAIER hydraulic cylinder.

6. When the piston rod of the long-stroke BAIER hydraulic cylinder is extended, try to avoid sagging.

7. Can eliminate the deflection between piston, piston rod and guide rail.

8. According to the working conditions and specific conditions of the BAIER hydraulic cylinder, consider buffering, exhaust and dust prevention measures.

9. Be possible to prevent leaks.

10. BAIER hydraulic cylinder cannot be deflected due to restrictions when temperature changes. Special attention should be paid to long BAIER hydraulic cylinders.

11. The structural elements of the hydraulic cylinder should adopt the standard series size, and try to choose the standard parts that are often used.

12.BAIER try to achieve low cost, easy manufacturing and convenient maintenance.