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BAIER hydraulic wrench torque and pump station pressure setting precautions




First, the setting of BAIER hydraulic torque wrench torque:

1) According to the design torque setting of the equipment, most equipment will give the specific torque value of the bolt in the product technical parameters, and this torque is the set torque.

2) The design parameters are not indicated in the technical parameters. In the process of retrofitting and overhauling the old equipment, specific design torques are often not available. Due to the consideration of equipment and personal safety, it is recommended to set the torque according to the recommended table of bolt pretension force.

The specific method is: setting torque = (data in the recommended table) × (80 ﹪ ~ 90 ﹪)

For example: M56 bolts of class 8.8, the recommended pre-tightening force in the table is 5978N.M, and the set torque is 5978 × 80 ﹪ = 4782 NM.

Second, the pressure setting of BAIER hydraulic pumping station:

1) According to the required torque value and the type of wrench used, set the pressure of the pumping station by querying the “Pressure-Torque Comparison Table” of the BAIER hydraulic wrench wrench book.

For example: set torque = 4620N.M, select WREN Rennes 8MXTA hydraulic wrench, check the torque comparison table 8MXTA in the WREN Rennes MXTA hydraulic wrench operation and maintenance manual, torque 4620N.M corresponds to the pump station set pressure is 30MPa.

2) When the setting torque is inch unit ft.lbs, query the inch torque comparison table in the BAIER hydraulic wrench operation and maintenance manual.

Note: Metric-Imperial conversion!

Case: In July 2015, a wind power installation site in Inner Mongolia, due to the negligence of the project technicians, mistakenly regarded NM as ft.lbs, and obtained the wrong pressure value by checking the table, causing the actual torque to exceed the specified torque. 35 ﹪ or more. Fortunately, during the on-site service of BAIER engineers, it was found in time that it almost caused a major accident.

Note: 1MPa = 145Psi

1Psi = 0.007MPa

1ft.lbs = 1.3549NM