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Regional Sales Manager
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job requirements:

1. College degree or above, related majors in industrial automation \ mechanics \ marketing;

2. Must have more than 3 years of sales work experience, which must have more than 2 years of brand sales promotion experience. Industrial products, hardware tools, power tools, pneumatic tools, mechanical and electrical products and similar products are preferred;

3. Have end-customer development experience and have more than two successful development cases (petrochemical, iron and steel metallurgy, heavy industry, railway, new energy, power, cement companies are better);

4. Stable personality, quick response, strong language organization and expression ability, strong communication and communication skills, and affinity; have the ability to write a certain text plan; have skills in computer office software operation skills; have experience in bidding

5. Possess certain market analysis and judgment ability, good sense of customer service; be able to independently judge and resolve sales within the authority, and effectively transfer the company's business philosophy to customer groups;

6. Responsible and able to work under pressure. Adapt to frequent business trips. A driver's license is preferred.


1. Once hired, preferential treatment, basic salary + quarterly completion reward + generous commission + year-end performance bonus

2.Enjoy social security, holiday breaks, lunch, accommodation, etc. as required by the state

Contact: Manager Sun (Human Resources Department) 18827822691

Delivery email: baierchina807@163.com